Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Clever or Coulter?

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Clever or Coulter?

Annoying Ann strikes again.
She's truly one of those people that almost NEVER says anything intelligent OR funny and trust me, I've tried to be nice.
Worse yet, she and many other on the right believe her to be some kind of sex-symbol which IS funny but which also tells you just how out of step and loony many on the right are.
Cracker please....(hissing sound)

So, today Ann shoots off her mouth and gets in to the headlines by decrying Justice Roberts as the nominee.
Does this mean that rational minded folk should be pleased because Annoying Ann is not?
Nope...not at all.
First of all, she's a party lackey and it behooves Republicans to put the spin out there that this guy might be too moderate.
Second of all, Ann cares about Ann. And only Ann.
Bashing Roberts gives her street cred with the Neo-con crowd that buys her wittily titled books like, " How to talk to a Liberal, if you must...."

Hehehe....she's a chucklefest, that Ann is. with her words what you will. To me, they are just words that serve Ann. Which is why....and this will anger Ann....i don't hate her as she assumes all people on the left do.
You see, to hate her would require an effort that she isn't worth and it would mean that she actually holds some power or ability to implement her insane ideas.
She does not.
She simply shepherds a flock and gets well paid to do it.
In the meantime, I'll worry more about people who actually can do anything about what they say rather than just a third rate mouthpiece.

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At 9:04 PM GMT-5, Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I agree. I saw her in Connecticut last year debating with Franken and not only was she not impressive and unable to do her usual rants when in front of a group of people that were not of her political persuasion;
she was also totally anorexic looking almost to the point of making me want to vomit( that could have been for other reasons) and one felt that they might have to carry her off any moment. Franken treated her like a flower, I think becsue she looked so anorexic he was expecting her to pass out.


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