Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Welcome to your village...

In case some of you have not guessed, I am a prisoner in this society.

Everyone is, whether they believe in the ideals of their society or not. Few people have a choice of what society they might live in. So they are prisoners to its morality, governance and people. Those that do have a choice usually create their own societies for others to be prisoners. Many more that have no choice, believe they do only because their leaders tell them they do.

Freedom is more than a word and freedom is worth more than any speech.

But whether you believe yourself to be a prisoner or not, you are one. I acknowledge it and embrace my right to free thought and civil disobedience, despite the fact I will never escape. I rail against my society though I know I will always remain a prisoner. Some may call this futility; I call it being human.

I accept my own prejudices, my own diversity limitations. But rather than dwell in lower subconsciousness, I choose to expand and push against the cardboard barriers of my understanding. This is political, but has no political group's agenda attached to it. This is radical, but has no government sponsorship behind it. This is my opinion, but it has the words of many prisoners of many societies in it. I cannot vouch for others; I can only vouch for myself and only on my own integrity, do I make any commitment to these ideals.

My ideal is summarized in the following quote from the 1967 British series, the prisoner:

"I will not pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, or numbered.
My life is my own."


At 1:11 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Confused said...

If freedom is an illusion and all of our choices are just inevitable consequences of other events, then we are all prisoners. Thus, what is the point of your blog?


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