Thursday, June 09, 2005

Support for Iraq War Losing Steam

According to a WashingtonPost-ABC poll, the pendulum might be shifting in US public opinion over the Iraq War:
Nearly three-quarters of Americans say the number of casualties in Iraq is unacceptable, while two-thirds say the U.S. military there is bogged down and nearly six in 10 say the war was not worth fighting -- in all three cases matching or exceeding the highest levels of pessimism yet recorded. More than four in 10 believe the U.S. presence in Iraq is becoming analogous to the experience in Vietnam.

Perhaps most ominous for President Bush, 52 percent said war in Iraq has not contributed to the long-term security of the United States, while 47 percent said it has. It was the first time a majority of Americans disagreed with the central notion Bush has offered to build support for war: that the fight there will make Americans safer from terrorists at home. In late 2003, 62 percent thought the Iraq war aided U.S. security, and three months ago 52 percent thought so.
Is it possible that over time the American public will wake up and release that this Administration and its talking heads have mislead the US to war? Could Americans now realize we are no more safer from terrorism than we were in 2001? No matter how many bureaucracies are created or preemptive wars waged, we are only filling the swamp of terrorism.

Though I hope for the best, I know the innocent Iraqis are prepared for the worst. I can't say it enough:

Support our troops ... bring them home!


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