Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Church Wakes Up To Zimbabwe Horror

After a South African Church delegation recently returned from Zimbabwe, they accused President Robert Mugabe of "trampling on humanity" in regards to his man-made tsunami in Africa (village voice June 1st). It is sad it has taken more than a month for the Church to condemn the Mubabe's plan and fully realize its human effect. An aerial photograph was enough for anyone else to appreciate the damage and dehumanization happening in Zimbabwe.

Eddie Make, deputy secretary general of the South African Council of Churches (SACC), had this to say about the Magabe's relocation effort:
People had literally been removed from their places of abode and dumped in a remote area with no cover other than plastic sheets and pieces of wood they had cut from surrounding trees in order to protect them from the winter cold.

But we are of the opinion that this is not creating order. Rather, it is disrupting the lives of people.
Better late than never. Keep yourself informed daily @ the website. If you're religious, you might want to pray that Zimbabwe will face its poverty crisis, rather than destroy its own people.


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