Friday, October 28, 2005

Prevailing Wage Reinstated

It is so rare that I can report good news from the current US administration, but yesterday is one of the exceptions. A few weeks ago, FEMA reopened $100 million worth of Katrina rebuilding contracts and allow local and open bidding. And now, the feds have reinstated the wage provision of the Davis-Bacon Act, guaranteeing that construction workers will be paid the prevailing local wage. George Bush had waived the provision days after the Katrina hit the Gulf States.

Both of this decisions come while the WhiteHouse is under tighter scrutiny with the Plame Affair and the Miers Blunder. Not surpisingly, the only way a government works is if it is held to account for its actions. Accountability, both grassroots and at the polling box, are key to keeping this government "for the people." Obviously, progressives and moderates are not screaming into the wind.

This is just the beginning in taking back our government.


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