Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's lies, it's lies and it's more lies!

The Countdown to War with Iran 
by Mike Whitney,
January 15, 2006

Iran must defend itself if it is attacked by the United States or Israel.

Defending one’s country against unprovoked aggression is sanctioned under international law and is a requirement of true leadership. We would expect no different if either the United States or Israel was attacked.
The Sharon and Bush administrations have done an admirable job of poisoning public opinion against Iran, interpreting President Ahmadinejad’s comments about Israel and the Holocaust as a potential danger to Israel’s welfare. But such statements, however offensive, are commonplace in the Middle East and cannot be construed as a credible threat.
In fact, Iran has not demonstrated any territorial ambitions nor is it involved in the occupation of any foreign country as is true of both the United States and Israel.


More Lies About Iran 
by Mike Whitney,
January 15, 2006

There’s been a lot of rubbish written about Iran’s “removing the seals” from its uranium enrichment equipment.

The fearmongering Western media have exploited the expression for all it’s worth. Even those who are normally skeptical of the Bush propaganda machine are taken aback by this ominous sounding phrase.

What gibberish!

How else does one make nuclear fuel for electric power plants if the fuel-producing mechanism is under lock and key?

The fear-engendering description provided in the news would have the reader believe that “diabolical” Iranians are ripping off the seals with crowbars so they can quickly assemble their secret nuclear stockpile to bomb Tel Aviv.

This is the worse type of demagoguery.

The fuel that is produced from these uranium enrichment reactors DOES NOT PRODUCE WEAPONS-GRADE MATERIAL. That requires thousands of centrifuges which Iran does not have.


Iran should not be attacked because such an act would be based on lies, lies, lies...

What's your reason Iran shouldn't be attacked? Join and tell us.


At 3:46 PM GMT-5, Blogger Ryan Garou said...

Got to get right down to a simple reason anyone, flag waver or not, can get on board with - we just can't afford it. We don't have the resources for any more of these insane wars. We're already getting the hell slashed out of education and social services and senior care jus to support the messes we're already in.


At 1:57 AM GMT-5, Blogger Doug said...

My reason Iran shouldn't be attacked is this: those nice Iranians have every right to enrich uranium. I'm sure it's for peaceful purposes only, as anyone can tell who listens to their charming President. If the US was really interested in peace, it would turn over all its own nuclear weapons to the peace-loving Iranian government, thus assuaging any fears they may have about our intentions. After all, you can't hug your kids with nuclear arms!!!


At 10:59 AM GMT-5, Blogger jonz said...

Hilariously Iranian officials have said they will use nuclear weapons if they got attacked.


At 11:24 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most countries that currently have nuclear weapons would use them. Gone are the days of stockpiling for no reason.


At 10:25 AM GMT-5, Blogger MBD said...

i would be extremely surprised if there is no war with Iran.


At 4:57 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

30,000 centerfuges(sp) is an awful lot. The leader of the country is bonkers. The people of Iran are dominated by the religious nuts. What to do? The nuclear threat remains and gets more intense. We also have a question mark for our leader, our country is full of religious nuts(rapture) I would guess that there will be a confrontation. Give peace a chance!


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