Friday, March 04, 2005

Political Compass

This is a much over-simplified, but helpful guide to my political compass and some explanations of otherwise misunderstood terms.

GroupEconomyEnvironmentOfficial BudgetSocial OrderCivil LibertiesReligious Practice
C = Controlled by the government
F = Free from government control

The term "Democrat" or "Republican" has very little meaning in the US, because there are conservative Democrats (which usually lean liberal) and liberal Republicans (which usually have conservative leanings). There are other terms which I will discuss in later journal entries. But let me introduce them now.

Neo-Conservative (Neocon)
Radical form of conservative believing in tight federal power, media disinformation, religion as "an opiate for the masses" and unbalanced budgets, so as to "strangle the beast" of big government.

Maverick Republican (Maverick)
Radical form of a Republican believing in economic conservatism but in social liberalism.

Evangelical Conservative (Evangelical)
Radical form of a conservative believing strongly in government sponsorship and enforcement of Christian religious practice and social conformance to Christian ideals.

Progessive Christian (Progressive)*
Radical form of a liberal believing in government sponsorship of Christian ideals, but a "hands-off" approach to government when it comes to Christian practice and enforcement.

*Most progressives are Christian, but believe in multi-pluralism regarding religious practice. There is a belief in common values across religious/cultural boundaries.


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