Tuesday, August 02, 2005

America - "Culture-Free Zone"

According to a Financial Times article on Sunday, America is increasingly viewed as a "culture-free zone" inhabited by arrogant and unfriendly people. It seem among 25 countries polled, America ranked 11th in terms of good brand recognition for businesses:
The US ranked 11th in the Brands Index, which asks people around the world to rate 25 countries according to their cultural, political and investment potential and other criteria. Australia received the highest overall score, with respondents expressing "an almost universal admiration of its people, landscapes and living and working environment", according to the report.

Although the US received high marks for its popular culture, it ranked last in cultural heritage, a measure of a country's "wisdom, intelligence, and integrity", according to Mr Anholt.
This is truly sad. For far too long the general US population has been informed by a decaying education system, blinded by the short glory of rampant consumerism, hoodwinked by fear and anger into spewing hatred across the world. That this one study holds any real sign of America losing its position on the world stage would be mere speculation. But no one can deny that the international community is certainly doubting US dominance in business and potentially, world affairs.

Who will become the new dominant player in the 21st Century? China?


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