Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bombing Mosques...Seriously?!

Not that I believe John Edwards was extremely erudite on the Roberts Supreme Court nomination, but I was curious nevertheless what the former lawyer would have to say. Well, the honest truth was I got bored with Mr. Edwards opinion, so I started reading comments. Then, I came across this right-wing conspiracy nonsense:
Which MOSQUE is YOURS ???????
by Faith on 2005-07-22 23:39:29

Several mosques in America have been used as recruiting stations . The leaders of the 9/11 hijacking ring attended at least 7 mosques in the United States while in America. That is one example. It's something that happened in the past, but even as I write this the same kind of meetings are taking place all over America; even the world. The members of dangerous hostile groups are using these mosques as sanctuaries of terror and subversive plots against our government.

Some mosques are being used to procure weapons and some have been arrested last year for trying to buy a missile used for terror attacks. Yes, the unpleasant truth is that too many mosques are being used as sanctuaries for terrorist activities. SOME MAY BE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

(actual listing of mosques omitted)

Be afraid--be very afraid- ! And quit worrying about the Islamics who will be insulted ETC. Because,or if, we decided we don't want any more mosques built in our country !!!! Lets be some of those who rise above the crowds of bleeding hearts screaming for more tolerance in America. Why should we "tolerate" Sanctuaries of terror and those who use them to conspire against us ? All you have to do is use common sense to realize you are being exploited and you have a right to resist that !

As soon as I can I will give more details about these mosques in maybe YOUR town ! The details are very convincing; believe it.
I find it unfathomable that this kind of fear could pervade any thinking individual. It is the equivalent of synagogues for SS in Nazi Germany and Christian Churches for the Turks in the Armenian Genocide. To simply focus on associations rather than the individual terrorists or the terrorist organizations that enable them is ludicrous.

I say this, but I know some right-wing blogger is probably going to make a fool of themselves and actually comment positively on this absolute drivel.

I surely hope I'm wrong. I would like to think America as a whole has a little bit more tolerance and comprehension than that.


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