Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Silence

With all of the heavy news this week both in the US and across the world (Bush Refuses Mother's Pleas, Britain Aids Bin Laden, Kansas and Evolution, Iraq Causality Numbers, Hiroshima 60th Anniversary), I thought I might offer some silence and peace to a chaotic week. With my upcoming birthday this weekend, I feel very reflective as I did over three years ago when I wrote this:


Too – silent.

Jumping glows illuminate
   far-away windows

   Barred doors stand shut
      to stretched clouds on a blank sky

Wait; listen.

      Droplets tap in low cadence
   with distant shadows

   Wet leaves rustle
as creaking trunks heave and sigh

Pendulum – calm.

Echoes slump on a long cart
   pulled with even pace
   by a cloaked face
Whose muted lips finally part:

“This … is all.”


At 4:08 PM GMT-5, Blogger Bonjo said...

Prisoner: Happy birthday! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous year to come.


At 5:16 AM GMT-5, Blogger the prisoner said...

Thanks. Let us hope so!


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