Tuesday, March 15, 2005

American Propaganda?

After reading the recent NY Times article posted on anti-righty (entire article) a few days ago, I felt more than betrayed by our traditional media outlets. Who can be truly surprised by the current administration's role in this? But there is no way this government-sponsored "fake news" program could even work if it wasn't for the CNNs and FoxNews stations out there that pretend these short propaganda films are anything but a violation of their independence.

Read the article or just read part of it. The more you read, the more you will stop trusting any news you see out there unless you know the source. That's where we've come to now. I used to think people that read the Drudge Report were stupid ... now if I don't go to TomPaine.com or BBC News, I can't assume the legitimacy of what I watch or read at all! "Orwell", as one poster put it, "was just 20 years early."

If you want to do something about it , sign the petition to hold the major news stations accountable. Start your own petitions for your local affiliates. Let them know you want real news, not fake news!


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