Monday, July 25, 2005

Back with More Bombings

Well, thank you to all of the well-wishers and fans of your village voice for waiting out my brief absence. I am glad to report that all is well with my injured grandfather and is recovering by leaps and bounds.

Others did not fare so well in my absence. In the US, President Bush dropped his Supreme Court nomination bomb in the form of mild-conservative, darkhorse John Roberts. The only complaints from reputable sources on the left involve his murky judicial framework and political involvement within the current administration. Not surprisingly, the White House under the guise of a "quick and fair nomination" process, is stonewalling the nomination hearings by its refusal to release all memos and other documentation while Roberts was working for two Republican presidents.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy had this to say about invoking client-lawyer privilege over the Robert's non-disclosure:
It's a total red herring to say, "Oh, we can't show this." Those working in the solicitor general's office are not working for the president. They're working for you and me and all the American people.
In other bombing news, the oppressive Egyptian government has arrested 35 people after Saturday's Sharm al-Sheikh bombing, which killed at least 88 people. Whether they're guilty or innocent remains to be seen, but with the recent restrictions on Egyptian civil liberties, it is more of a philosophical question than a legal one.

After the failed London bombing last week, most Britons believe that the Iraq War has contributed to its recent bombing and bombing attempts. A recent survey finds more than 60%think the conflict is a contributing factor, while 23% believe the war is the main cause for the bombing attacks. In a resounding affirmation of this, two more Baghdad bombings shook Iraq this morning at Sadir Hotel and the Interior Ministry police command in one of Saddam's former palaces. This comes after yesterday's suicide bombing at a police station in eastern Baghdad, which killed least 22 people.

Is any doubt the similarity between Iraq and other news last week? The link is violence and obfuscation, whether involving Al-Queda or its US counterpart, clearly demonstrating the logical end of both radical ideologies.


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