Friday, August 19, 2005

Mo Mowlam passes away

Hi, I'm going to be posting here, mostly about UK politics. Thanks a lot to the prisoner for inviting me.

Mo Mowlam, an ex-cabinet minister in Tony Blair's cabinet sadly passed away this morning. She has been fighting health problems for a long time. One of Blair's most independent cabinet members, as is mentioned in the article, she helped contribute to the current improvement of the situation in Northern Ireland (I can only hope that, with the current stale mate, things improve, and don't degrade), she was also a critic of the government's policy on Iraq.

With Robin Cook, this makes two ex-cabinet ministers who strongly opposed the government's war on Iraq who have passed away recently. While I am not about to suggest that this was in any way the government's doing, it is an unpleasent coincidence.


At 9:16 PM GMT-5, Blogger Kirbie said...

Maybe some kind of curse, you know like when you open up a pyramid. If you cross Tony he curses you.
Still a shame tho.
Anyway good to see your first mighty post!


At 4:39 PM GMT-5, Blogger the prisoner said...

Less voices against the war equates to passive support for it. This is a tragedy indeed.


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